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Local SEO - London Ontario
Increase Local Rankings in Search Engines

LOWD Media can help you increase the organic rankings and local rankings of your website in search engines. If you believe your business is misisng out on potential sales leads due to low rankings in search engines, please contact us for a consultation so we can discuss our local seo services.

What is included with local SEO services

SEO clients get a wide variety of services proven to make your website more friendly to Google, and increase the rankings of your website in search over time. Some services provided are 1 time and some are ongoing, as required. Every quarter, a technical audit and rankings report will determine focus of future ongoing efforts.

Below are some of the services provided to our SEO clients, as required.

Start of contract

  • Keyword Analysis & Selection - Research and analyze industry/competitors, and select keywords

  • Analytics Setup - Set up and install Google Analytics, so time on site, bounce rate, traffic, and other factors can be measured

  • Webmaster Tools Setup - Allows us to get notifications from Google of issues with website that can help us improve rankings

  • Duplicate Content Check - Internet plagiarism check. Attempt to remove plagiarized content or add modified unique content

  • Technical Audit - Full on site analysis of on page SEO health

On Page Optimization

  • URL Analysis - Check URLs to ensure they are search friendly. Make changes, if required

  • Alt Tag Analysis & Optimization - Check images to ensure alt tags are present. Add appropriate alt tags, when required

  • Meta Tag Analysis and Optimization - Check for proper meta title and description tags, modify duplicate meta tags if they exist

  • Heading Optimization - Check and change main page headings, if required

  • 301 Redirects Handling - If any redirects are present on website, check for proper setup and handling

  • Internal Linking Optimization - Check internal linking structure is search friendly. Make changes, if required

  • 404 Errors Handling - Check for missing pages, broken links and resolve issues

  • Content Analysis and Modification - Check sufficient search friendly content is available on website. Modify content as required ($, or client can provide content)

  • XML Sitemap & Robots.txt - Generate, if required

  • Page Speed Optimization - Seek opportunities to decrease load time of web pages and make fixes, if possible


  • Content Writing - $100/page - During content analysis process, it may be discovered that your website requires additional content to be search friendly. Ideally, you can provide us with this content or we can write it for $100/page, in most cases

  • Blog Writing - $50/article - A well optimized website should contain a blog. Blog articles or news events should be added to the blog at least once per month. You can create this content and we'll add it at no extra charge, or we can create content for $50/article, in most cases

Local Optimization

  • Google My Places - Check for Google Plus page & Google Places listing. Add or optimize listing, as required

  • Bing Places - Submission & optimization, as required

  • Citations - Check, modify and create citations (ie Yelp, Yellow Pages) as required

  • Directory Submissions - Check website is submitted to top relevant directories and submit as required

  • Competitor Backlinks - Analyze competitors for backlink opportunities, and acquire backlinks when possible


  • Guest Blog Posting - $50/article - On occasion, a good opportunity may be discovered to provide a guest blog post on an external website in exchange for promotion or a quality backlink. You can write this content and we'll take care of the rest, or we can also write the content at $50/article, in most cases

  • Paid Backlinks - On occasion, a high quality backlink opportunity that requires a payment or ongoing payment may be discovered. These recommendations will be sent to you. Generally these are great links to acquire that will help improve your rankings, but this is optional

Additional Off Page Optimization (Lowest priority/very minimal)

  • Social Bookmarking - Highly relevant social bookmarking, if required

  • Niche Comments - Well thought out comments on relevant niche content websites, if required

  • Web 2.0 Links - High quality articles and links from web 2.0 sites, if required

  • Micro Blogs - Generate high quality niche micro blog with articles, if required

Social Optimization

  • Facebook Page - If required, will set up basic Facebook business page

  • Twitter Page - If required, will set up basic Twitter profile

  • Infographics - If required, infographics may be created and distributed


  • Social Posting - Ideally, a client will attempt to get active on at least 1 social media presence. If required, we can offer these services at an additional price


  • Quarterly ranking reports provided

  • Quarterly technical audit provided

Please Contact Us to discuss your local SEO needs further.