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When someone searches your name or your business name, what shows up on Google’s first page is important. Considering multiple studies show at least 70% of people do some form of online research prior to making a buying decision, what shows up on the first page of Google can make or break your business.

When Things go Wrong

As a hard working small business owner who tries to offer the best service possible, we all like to believe we will not be forced to address a compromise to our online reputation. However, unexpected situations can happen. The most common examples of what can happen include:

  1. Negative reviews – Even the most ethical, customer oriented business owner can find themselves the subject of a negative online review. Whether the review was genuinely left by an unhappy customer that you cannot make amends with, or even if it’s a fake review, the effect is the same. It’s a negative hit to your personal or brand reputation that may make future customers second guess doing business with you.
  2. Negative media coverage – One of the most stressful situations a business owner can find themselves facing is negative media coverage. Negative media coverage could mean a wide variety of situations. Perhaps something negative related to you or your business happened that your local news decided was news-worthy to report. Perhaps you are charged with a crime, and the media publishes a story about it. Unfortunately in many cases, even if the situation is resolved, the media may not be co-operative about removing or revising the content that is causing a negative effect on your online reputation.

Restoring Your Brand Reputation

There are multiple ways restoring your online brand reputation. While most situations can be addressed by our process, there are some cases more advanced services may be required. We invite all business owners who are dealing with negative online reputation issues to get in touch. If your needs are more advanced than what we offer, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

Our Process

So, how do we help? Essentially, our goal is to reduce the visibility and impact of the negative online content, related to you or your business. We accomplish this by finding ways to generate more positive content related to you and your business, and attempting to make that content as visible as possible in the search results. By ensuring the best content and/or reviews related to your business are as visible as possible in the search results, this will help minimize the impact the negative content has on your business, over time.

Each individual situation requires a customized solution; however a part of the solution to the situation you are facing may include:

  • Generating multiple content assets, such as articles, blogs & industry relevant resources
  • Create multiple online profiles, which are complete and fully optimized for search
  • Create a process to increase the quantity of positive business reviews
  • Generating one or more press releases for your business
  • Ensure you have a highly visible social media presence, which positively reflects your business
  • Work to ensure positive content assets and company profiles are as visible as possible in search results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While this is a long term strategy, it is one of the most effective ways to address an online reputation issue. Please keep in mind that every situation is unique. Some situations may require a simple consultation and brain storming session, and others may require several months of extensive effort for us to resolve for you. Please contact us to discuss your ORM (Online Reputation Management) needs.