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Logo Requirement This instant quote generator is designed to give you an accurate quote for our most common scenarios.

If you think that your project is custom and/or complex in nature, we recommend you skip the instant quote generator and contact us directly so we can best understand your needs.

If you become stuck or confused, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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Design Information

For example, a designer who has recently graduated from college will offer good quality work at a more reasonable price than an established designer with a high quality portfolio.


Common Features

OK. Now that we have chosen the design effort involved in your project, we need to look at some common website features you may be looking for.

By looking through these features, it will also allow you to better understand how many pages you will need, which is a future question.

First, let's start out by exploring some common features which are affordable in price:

Advanced Features

Great, we are half way there. Now let's explore some common features which involve more effort and cost than the previous list of common features.

No. of Pages

The next thing we need to know is approximately how many pages do you think your web site will need?

For most small businesses, less is more. You get the most value by creating a web site that is 6 pages or less. If you chose any of the previous advanced features such as Ecommerce or a CMS system, this question does not apply to you so “N/A” is chosen by default.

To help you, here are some of the most common pages: Home, About Us, FAQs, Contact Us, Menu, Products, Services, Specials, quote, links, gallery, portfolio, samples, staff & schedule.


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