Local SEO for London, Ontario businesses

Local SEO for London, Ontario businesses

Interested in discovering for yourself what local SEO is really about? Ready to attract more qualified leads to your business, but can’t currently afford the upfront cost of a website revamp, or an ongoing SEO campaign? If this sounds like you, and you’re willing to invest some time to make progress in the right direction, you’ve arrived at the right place.

This is the home page for an ongoing article series I am going to create for London, Ontario business owners, as I work on improving the rankings of my own website. I’ll introduce you to some of the easier to understand factors that influence how well your website ranks locally, what I recommend you do, and when practical… exactly what to do.

I’ll also be “learning out loud” by monitoring the rankings of my own website, as I implement improvements to it. Aside of omitting some of the more technical stuff, this will include many of the steps I would consider taking if I were doing search engine optimization for any London, Ontario business.

LOWD Media Rankings – June 21st, 2018

web design london ontario – page 3, rank 6
london ontario web design – page 5, rank 4
website design london ontario – page 4, rank 2
wordpress london ontario – page 1, rank 6
seo london ontario – page 1, rank 10

Website Revamp

On June 21st, I launched my revamped website. Critical improvements included:

  • Website is mobile friendly
  • Improvement to user-friendliness
  • Website was simplified, in terms of navigation
  • Low traffic web pages (services) removed
  • Content improvements

I also added an SSL certificate which I do not understand to be a major ranking factor, but it should be noted.


LOWD Media Rankings – June 27th, 2018

Web design London Ontario – page 2, rank 10 (+6)
london ontario web design – page 2, rank 9 (+25)
website design London Ontario – page 2, rank 7 (+15)
wordpress London Ontario – page 1, rank 5 (+1)
seo london Ontario – page 1, rank 10 (-)

As can usually be expected when revamping an 8 year old website, significant improvements to rankings were achieved.  This is especially true if your website does not pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. These days, having a mobile friendly website is a must.

I will now move forward with making smaller, incremental improvements, over time.

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Module Index: 

  • Introduction to keyword research (coming soon)
  • Local SEO Factor 1: Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain (coming soon)
    • a: Inbound Links – The lowest hanging fruit
    • b: Finding more links, in your spare time
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