Custom WordPress Design

Capitalize on WordPress and build your online presence with one of the world’s most user-friendly, secure, and optimized website platforms.
The world of websites doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. In reality, you shouldn’t have to reach out to your “web guy” each time you need to update content…but you also shouldn’t have to be an expert in websites to have an effective one!
Enter WordPress, a user-friendly website platform that offers stunning designs that are search engine ready, allowing you to easily and accurately represent who your business is online.
Whether you’re already using WordPress and need to update your existing site for improvements, or are building a new site from scratch, at LOWD we understand that you ultimately want an easy website. And that’s exactly what WordPress is!

Why WordPress?

  • Enjoy a responsive design that’s optimized for all screens and devices
  • Be able to update your content without the help of a web developer (but we’re here if you need us)
  • Have a site that can easily grow with your company as you add or remove service lines and products
  • Experience a more cost-effective platform for your website
  • Be able to easily integrate a blog into your marketing

What’s Included with Your WordPress Website?

  • A search engine optimized site for better search results

  • An easy to use, friendly layout for a better user experience

  • Up-to-date programming standards for a search friendly site

  • Integration of online forms and data management services

  • Domain name registration (one year)

  • Layout and image recommendations

  • Google “My Business” submission

  • Proofing and editing of content to work with your design

  • One-hour training session on how to update the site

If you’re ready for a website that you control and is easy to find online, a WordPress website could be exactly what your business needs. It all starts with a conversation.