Product-Based Websites

Attract, retain, and convert readers into customers with a user-friendly product-based website!
Make sure your company products both look their best AND that they’re found online. Create a straightforward user experience that showcases your company and unique products, focused on transforming clicks into conversions.
Product-based websites must be visually stimulating and designed in a manner that encourages readers to take action. Whether you sell your products online or use your website to display your inventory, your site must easily guide your reader through the next step of the sale. With a custom product-designed website, you’ll:
  • Enjoy your product images in an engaging gallery

  • Have the best layout for your products

  • Have a properly optimized site for better search engine rankings

  • Allow people to easily search their favourite products

  • Simplify the buying process

  • Increase the likelihood of conversions

What’s Included with Your Website?
In building a site that attracts, retains, and has a higher probability of converting browsers into buyers, your website may include:


  • Attractive, high-end custom design work

  • Mobile responsive design

  • Optimization for search engines (SEO friendly)

  • Search function for easy product browsing

  • Domain name registration (one year)

  • Layout and image recommendations

  • Google “My Business” submission

  • Easy site navigation with a user-friendly layout

  • Training session on how to update / add / remove products

Smile! Your Website’s Secure & Safe

While product sites are fantastic for displaying the quality of work you do, there are often greater risks for security issues. With LOWD Media, you’ll enjoy more peace of mind knowing:

  • Security certificates are up to date
  • It’s less likely you’ll have a malware issue
  • Security-threats are tracked in real time
  • Potential hacker takeovers are minimized
  • Your site is on the best host for your platform
  • Vulnerable areas are identified and properly secured and monitored
  • Online shoppers are properly protected
Don’t let your website be an obstacle in attracting your buyers. Display your business and your products with pride and user-friendly ease!